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Page 100

Table of contents. The first 68 years.

page 2: Table of Contents. A lot of content!
This biography is, for the first 44 (pages (until my doom!), rather raw.
Therein I will divulge both my strengths and shortcomings.
If you are sensitive or in a hurry to find my current photography production with my rates, please start at page 45 at which point I am established in Paris and very professional.
Page 3: Anatole France Primary School, then the Robespierre Secondary School for Boys in Arras, Pas-de-Calais, France.
I suffer from asthma, which runs in my family, so I had to abstain from playing sports.
I was a well-behaved and studious boy. Be assured, this did not last very long.
My first passion: Mathematics.
page 4: Robespierre Secondary School for Boys in Arras, France. July 1971 : Baccalauréat C (Mathematics and Physics) with distinction.
Boy, was the Nation French Education system useless at the time! I wonder: Is it any better now?
At least I was lucky enough to have the Beatles who allowed those of my generation to dream of a better world, and my camera which kindled my second passion.

French Editors tell me that if I add equations into a book, the number of sales goes down by a factor of 10. In France, no one is interested in science! In any case 0/10 = still 0.
page 5: Maths Sup., Maths Spé. Arras, France. Poor.

My sincere thanks to the great American Scientists: Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov, Timothy Ferris, Arthur C. Clarke, Richard Feynman, Stephen Hawking, etc.... who taught me so much better.
page 6: During my Studies. Specialized Studies University Diploma (D.U.E.S.) in Mathematics and Physics at the University of Lille.
A protest against compulsory military service. 23 years later it was abolished. Hurray! However, it was a little too late for me.
Please note that I was almost the only man to have long hair in all of Arras, Pas-de-Calais, France. The Arrageois would often call me “Madame” or would even cross to the opposite sidewalk if they saw me approaching.
Strangely enough, in England, everyone spoke to me kindly. The Channel is one large cultural gap!
page 7: Many small jobs in France and England during these long breaks from school, to gain experience and money. Fruit-picker, electronic parts dealer, photographer, Math tutor, etc….

At this point I know that I want to be a free-lancer, even if I have no idea how much I will earn the next month!

I shoot artistic photos
page 8: Brighton, "Friday Bridge Agricultural Camp" at Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire, England. Volunteering to help the victims of the earthquake in Monteaperta di Friuli, close to Udine in Italy, etc.
I write poetry.
page 9: 1975, Degree in Mathematics at the University of Amiens
Adjunct Professor of Mathematics in Arras. It was awful. Absolutely Awful.
Fortunately I still had my second passion, Photography.
I decided to go for a change in culture and in language.
Another scattering of odd jobs across Europe. Then…
page 10: 1978, a Photography School in England (Diploma City and Guild, Photography Course 745 at Berkshire College of Art and Design). Course 745 was in technical photography, 744 was in artistic photography.
I chose 745, because, as Edward Weston once said, “… to consult the rules of composition before making a picture is a little like consulting the law of gravitation before going for a walk. Such rules and laws are deduced from the accomplished fact; they are the products of reflection.”
At the time I was also working side jobs in sales, dealing cameras and hi-fi systems. I earned my living.
page 11: Semi-professional Badminton in Reading, Bershire, England. Revenge on my asthmatic past.

Some of my favourite movies of this era.
My movie parodies
Some of my favourite female stars of this era.

I started to paint on my slides. I started to have fun.
page 12: I stopped having fun! Disiplinary military service in France
From June of 78 to June of 79: I made a grave error. I was safe in England, having managed to dodge the French Military Authorities until the late age of 26. However, the law suddenly changed and police came to my mother's in Arras, threatening her with reprisals. I gave myself in and so I found myself at the Military Disciplinary Base in Drachenbronn in the Vosges.

Useless, Absurd, Fascist. At this base I encountered, among the recruits, the thickest, most stupid people I have ever met. I still recall the head-shaving : a breach on my individuality.
page 13: Luckily, I rather enjoyed skydiving: during those 20 seconds of freefall, no one can yell at you!
I became passionate for aviation as well.
page 14: June 1979 to Mars 1980: Freelance photographer in England and Photographer at ClubMed in Corfu, Grèce.

My dream was starting to come true. Some people (God bless them) paid me to do what I love to do the most.
Okay, well, within certain limits anyway: the photograph had to be good enough to please them; I learned professionalism.
page 15: 1980: I switched continents. The United States of America: every hippy’s dream. Long live freedom and efficiency!

Here, I must summarize. My first passion: Mathematics. The second: Photography. Third: Anglo-saxon culture.
In sum: fantastic!

The advantages of the United States

page 16: I become a well-known photographer in the US. "Professional Photographers of California", "International Free-lance Photographers Organisation", "American Press Association", "Professional Photographers of America".

At this time of my life, everything is going great. I am in my element. I feel like a fish in water.

page 17: 1982, Private Pilot Licence, FAA aux USA

I finally meet some exceptional teachers who know that we learn better when relaxed than when we are stressed. This accomplished, the grand spaces belong to me. And my camera, of course. I feel ready for National Geographic.
page 18: 1992, I do internships with Dean Collins, the grand master of new Photography in San Francisco, and with Jean Paglioso for Fashion in Sante Fe.

Always on the lookout for new opportunities, I never missed a chance to improve my performance. Photo Sessions: Helen, Michèle West, Karen, Petra Lindblad, Barbara.
page 19: I also work internationally for Cruise-line Companies: Dawson Forwarding (UK), Sea Image (Florida), Cruiseship Picture Co Ltd (UK), Paquet, Club Med, Dereck Washington Inc.

I’m having a lot of fun. I’m also working a lot. I learn to manage a business and a team.

As we say in the US: Work hard, play hard.
I’ve been told that I’m lucky. Actually, the harder I work, the luckier I become.
page 20: Jeff Tombeur wrote : “Our math-whiz Photographer has gone to the North Pole, where he photographed the snow, to the Amazon, where he photographed the rainforest and caught malaria, to China where he photographed the Chinese, to Hollywood, where he photographed ladies, to the Far West, where he photographed the Redskins”.

Christian Fournier : “ To apply oneself to a single subject where style is, admittedly, the key to success for many famous photographers but an attack to open-mindedness and creativity”

If you are offended by photos of somewhat undressed pretty women, do not scroll to the bottom of this page.

Also: my favorite books.

page 21: I travel a lot, with my camera, of course.

Amazon, China, Arctic.

Yes, I know, if my logo is in the middle of the picture, it is harder for you to remove.

page 22: Asia

In 1992 on cruise ships (Port Kelang, Malaysia, Jakarta, Indonesia, Bali, Semarang, Pulau Sepa, Singapore, Phuket, Thailand, Nias, Padang, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Shanghai, Padang, Manila, Pukhet, Kuala Lumpur, Borobudur, Brunei, San Blas, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, South Korea, Borneo, Japan, Palau, Nanjing, Shanghai, Padang, Manila, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Guam), then with Nicole in 1989 in Hawaii and Sipadan, then with Frédérique in 2002 in Polynesia, in Sipadan in 2003, in Thailand in 2004.
page 23:
Reportages in Haiti in 1980, 1981, 1984 and 1985 for "Simply Living" and "New Men" magazines.

page 24: I take underwater photographs all around the globe.

Whale sharks, Borneo, grottos, Polynesia, Alaska, underwater works, etc... I have added making ofs, for underwater photos do not interest anybody. Also other water sports. I meet great people like Raoul Monthouel, Jürgen Freund and Claude Michaud, among others. Also my other water sports

page 25: 1984, I get my diplomas in sailing, for fantastic cruises in the Caribbean (Bahamas, Us and British Virgin Islands: Tortola, Virgin Gorda, and Jost Van Dyke), in Florida and in California.
Hurray the deserted beaches! Many thanks to the girls who accompanied me.

If you are offended by seeing naked girls, do not go to the bottom of this page.
page 26: I go glacier climbing in Alaska.

Many thanks to Barry Moss for the initiation. It's beautiful.

I’m more of a Mac guy, but one of my photos is chosen as an International ad for the launch of Windows 95!
Juneau, Mendenhall glacier, Skagway, Ketchikan, Glacier Bay, those names still make me vibrate.
page 27: I go horse riding all over, wonderful, through hills, meadows, streams, deserted beaches, but in enclosed fields, oh no!

Many thanks to all the friendly and fearless horses.
page 28: Tribute to the women I met.

They were all great people and I thank them all. We had fun, with no hidden thoughts or hopes.
After the pill and before Aids, before the organized Spring Breaks, during THE LOVE BOAT TV shows. No I will not die frustrated, like many others ...
Thanks to them, I shared incredibal lives, varied and fascinating. I learned social classes, religions, traditions, schoolings, fashions, politics, professional lives, morals, conjugal relations, the underwear and outdoor wear of the USA.
If you do not want to see me naked, do not go to the bottom of this page.

page 29: Photographing beautiful women and getting paid for it!
Barbara and Pam in California, Gwen in Martinique, Sandrine for Penthouse, I meet the Playboy team. Vera, Marketa, etc..

If you are offended by seeing naked girls, do not go to this page.

page 30: I see myself, laughing of course, as James Bond, Indiana Jones, Nicolas Hulot, Sebastiäo Salgado, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Raymond Depardon, l'agence Vandystad, David Hamilton, David Doubilet, Harcourt studio, Hara-Kiri and Casanova, etc.

page 31: Fun cruise photos cruises and memos. I work hard, play hard.

The older the photo, the younger I look!

Who could dream of a better job? A job that allows you to travel to exotic places, to meet new people and at the same time, make a living out of it!
But there is more to it : being a cruiseship photographer can put a lot of strain on you!
page 32:

- Survival suits in Alaska,

- 1985: Music cruise on S/S Rhapsody (with Isaac Stern, James Galway, Keith Jarett, Maurice André, Vladimir Ashenazy, etc...).
page 33:

Fire on board the S/S Ocean Pearl from French Paquet cruiseline in 1992 with thoughts on freedom of press in France.

S/S France in 1996 (with Eddy Barclay, César, Jacques Martin, Isabelle Aubray, Henri Salvador, Uderzo, Walter Spangero, the CoCo Girls, Pierre Vassiliu, Uderzo, etc...)

The ClubMed II in 1992 and it's stupid traditions. I am the official photographer of the inaugural cruise from The Havre (in France, where she was built) to New Caledonia. Djibouti, Australie, Japan, etc.. on the way for advertizing). Three long boring months.
page 34:

A wedding on ClubMed II.
Underwater Casino.
Angel Swanson goes sky diving.
Laura Lang. Rosaline, Sharon Stanley Golberg.
Fake War.
Tracey in Yaté in New-Caledonia.
Bucket Jacket.
page 35: Cruises: I invented studio photo shoots during formal evenings, my famous “Formal Portraits”.

I had remarked early on this phenomenon which seems so strange to a French tourist: the passengers, during the two “Formal evenings” where men would wear tuxedos and ladies their evening gowns, would all want beautiful photos of themselves and their family, even if it had nothing to do with the cruise.
It was a perfect occasion to have a professional photo done of the entire family, reunited and well-dressed, at the same time and in the same place (and yes, many passengers are family reunions who meet up to see each other without any hassle).
page 36:

- Spadan turtles.
- Jakarta : smiles in the dirt.
- Bali with scuba-diving in Tulamben. The island of Bali in Indonesia is often referred to as a paradise on Earth, but we found it to be also a paradise underwater.
- My head shots.
page 37:

Scuba in the grotto of Ies des Pins in New Caledonia
I scuba dived under the S/S France!
Shark diving in California.

page 38: 1993: A world first: I photographed the dugong in its natural habitat. Ouais ! The dugong is the salt water cousin the manatee. The dugong is a shy mammal. I publish in the entire world. Thanks to Bertrand Loyer, Claude Michaud and Claire Garrigue.
The mosquitoes were very dangerous. There is a video: I am attacked by a dugong.

page 39: I fall in love with Dr Nicole Bordes.
Doctorate (Ph.D.) INSA Toulouse; Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies (M.Sc.) INSA Toulouse; Diplôme d'Ingénieur, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) Toulouse; CNRS Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France, 1983-1987; Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA, 1987-1989; University of New Mexico, USA, 1992-1994; Sydney VisLab, 1994-1996, Nov 1997 till present.
Tall, beautiful, great black long hair, shy, immensely intelligent. We live some extraordinary adventures.
Creation of two photo series: "The Fun Couple" and "Nicole Tu Me Manques".
page 40: 1990: I buy a large property in the woods near Vancouver, Canada, to transform it into a photo studio: "The studio in the Woods."

Drainage, 20 clearings, 40 tons of gravel and bark mulch, electricity, statues, fountains, paint, etc….

But later I accept an alluring job offer from a crook ...

page 41: June 1993. My ruin.

After 13 and a half years of happiness in the USA, I return to France to be part of an international underwater archeological expedition (I was promised "National Geographic"!). It did not work out (I later discovered that the organiser was a fraud, all his previous and later expeditions were fiascos) and ruin me ... Tough, tough.

Will our photographer survive? Obviously, since I write this in 2021!

page 42: Luckily, I have an advantage, digital photography, still in its infancy in France.
My portfolio on a Kodak Photo CD surprised the Advertising Agencies who though that I wanted to play music to them!
The magazine “Création Numérique” (Thanks Jeff Tombeur) published a CD-ROM of my digital photos in 1994 and put it in his magazine. A French first! I already had my email address and my website at Compuserve, a great innovation at the time.

Luckily, Antoine Schneck, photographer and better businessman than me offers a collaboration "L'Atelier Fournier Schneck". Thanks to Antoine's uncle I can rent an apartment. Without any collateral it is impossible to rent in France.
page 43: At the same time, I teach photography at an international school, Spéos, in Paris and through them, also to Peter Lindbergh (Yes, this great photographer, at his home, rue de Savoie in Paris), to the Aga Khan, all of Nikon France sales force, all Fuji France sales staff (I even travel to Cannes for them), Canon, Konica, Minolta, Prophot and FNAC.

I meet lots of great people.
page 44: I make an exhibition at l'Hôtel with the help of Anita, international Polish designer.

Catastrophy: on 16th April 2000 : my apartment is flooded by an idiot neighbour. Only positive aspect: the idiot's wife is a Vietnamese top model, Angie.

Festival de Cannes en mai 1998 pour Studio Magazine avec Jean Reno, Johny Hallyday, etc.

I create www.prisedevue.photos and famousphotographer.com in 2000.
page 45: March 1997: I am now well behaved and established in Paris as a freelance photographer, very professional.

Here I introduce my activity.
I have a large bank of images from around the globe.

Gérard Perron wrote: "Christian Fournier, universal photographer: if you are looking for photos of girls, flowers, Island landscapes, Borneo underwater or the lawn mower made by Ferrari in 1954, he has it. If he doesn't, he will shoot it so fast that you will think he already had it."
page 46: My small studio at Square de Port Royal, in the middle of Paris, small, but a marvel of technology and efficiency.
Perfect for PORTRAITS.

My tariffs are at the bottom of the page.

Being in the middle of Paris avoids traffic problems and allow fast courier services. I also have direct RER Access to Roissy and Charles De Gaulle airports, as well as most train stations.
Obviously, I rent large photo studios when needed.

page 47: My small studio at Square de Port Royal, in the middle of Paris, small, but a marvel of technology and efficiency.
Perfect for STILL LIFE.

clients: Ariane Space, Nike, Converse, Terraillon, Hachette, Comme des Garçons, Fred, Google, Etam, Bratz, Pomme de Pains, Sweppes, Club Med, L'oréal, PSG, Ober, Courir, Levis, Cacharel, Alcatel, Forum Make up, Garmin, Lafuma, Maybeline, Nexans, Renault, WWF, Saatchi & Saatchi, Le Nain Bleu, Maple, etc ...

page 48: LARGE STUDIOS. Obviously, I rent large photo studios when needed.

CLIENTS: Comme des Garçons, Etam, Hachette, Nike, Schweppes, Total, Ober, Benfield, Maybelline, Redken, eBay, PSG, Oxbow, Lafuma, Cacharel, ThyssenKrupp, Pôle Emploi, Point de Vue, Ciel, WWF, Levi's, Total, Marlène Couture, Choice Hotels, Polygram, Mineral Gold, Chanon, Irlande, The Nain Bleu, Maple, etc ...
page 49: There are wonderful things in France:

Le grand Palais, la boutique Angelina and it's famous "Mont Blanc", Le Louvre, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, la Boutique Jaune in the Marais, some great landscapes, gastronomy, some good monuments, not many earthquakes, or tsunamis, or tornadoes, or hurricanes, job security and tons of social benefits for the employed, medicine for all, a rich culture, the Eiffel Tower, some fashion, international conventions, tourists, Bref, Kalpish, Jeunet, Sarah Forestier, la Provence, le parc du Marcanterre, la forêt de Rambouillet, café terrasses, etc ..

“A Photographer’s Guide to Not Going Mad During a Pandemic”
Third Lockdown March-April 2021 One day one desert
page 50: I am the king of convention photography, the eye of the evening.

Henri Cartier Bresson : "Us photographers play with things that disappear, and when they are gone, you can't revive them."

Some of my clients: Polaroid, Anaé, L'Oréal, Nuages Blancs, Pfizer, Essilor, 3i, GMF, BigMat, Evolis, Medef, Agefiph, Medtronic, Genzyme, Tollens, MacDo, Siemens, Guittet, Toyota, Swarovsky, Aixam, System@tic, Freescale, Caisse d'épargne, Weber, Kensington, Unesco, Euromoney, Denis & Co, W9, VW, Samsung, Le Figaro, Intel, EDF, GE, Garmin, ZTE, FNAC, Banque Populaire, Seb, IBM, Bayer, Janssen, Philips, Tom Tom, Volvo, TeleZ, Acta Fabula, Bahlzen, Camping Car, Rent a Car, Financial Times, IBM, LeGan, Chrysler, Intel, Hagen, Shopi, Le Mondial Coiffure, etc...
page 51: Portraits.
Corporate, VIP, Artists.
My tariffs are at the bottom of the page.
page 52: Make up, hair, beauty.
My tariffs are at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to L'Oréal, Dior, Maybelline, Redken, Etam, Dessange, Camille Albane,Forum Make up, SleekHair, Ober, Celio, etc, and all make up artists, hair designers and models.
page 53: Fashion and models, high fashion, ready wear, catwalks.
My tariffs are at the bottom of the page.

L'Oréal, Intersport, Comme des Garçons, Celio, Etam, Nike, Ober, Benfield, Maybelline, Redken, Swarovsky, Oxbow, Lafuma,
Dessange, Camille Albane,Cacharel, Christian Dior, Levi's, Marlène Couture, Hongren, Rise, Mailyard, IbyI, Taiza, Chanon, LondonFog, Benchemoul, etc..
page 54: Laughs and smiles, missed photos, philosophy.

Some clients even employ me because I am "funny". OK, I can make people laugh and shoot at the right moment.
The "missed" pictures are free!
page 55: Design: architecture, deco, still life.

page 56: Industry.
- At the bottom: The turf in Ireland.
- Follow up of building site near my home: The adolescent house, the Maison de Solenn.
- A 3 year site : Renovation of a group of 400 apartments in the Square de Port Royal in Paris.
- My photo report on the Paris sewers in 1995: I consider myself super privileged to have been chosen to photograph them.

page 57: Trade, medical.

My tariffs are at the bottom of the page.
page 58: Travels.

Paris, Madagascar, Polynesia, Sipadan, Thailand, India, Tanzania, Mont St Michel, Holland, Bruges, South Africa, Island, Canada, Mexico, Bonaire, Las Vegas, Belgium, Caribbean, Istanbul, Scotland, Costa Rica, etc….
page 59: Festivities: spectacles, caterers, culinary, fireworks.
My tariffs are at the bottom of the page.
page 60: Historical reneactments.

Guedelon, Autun, Bruges, Canada, Venise, England, Breteuil, Vaux le Vicomte, Nemours, Waterloo, Longueville, Provins, Samara, Recogne, Fontainebleau, La Coupole, D-Day, etc...
page 61: Press.

Reza : "I have always considered my camrea to be a companion of my thoughts, an extension of my gaze, of my visual intention, my creativity, my solitude, my rebellions, my wonder, my sorrows, and my greatest joys. An extension of myself, if you will. This magical object is a tool that has the power to freeze a moment for eternity."
page 62: L'oréal and Matrix

2004 in Bari Italy, Cannes in France in 2005, in Croatia in 2006, in 2007 in Greece, in 2008 in Sardinia, in 2010 in Canary Islands, in 2011 in Greece again, in 2012 in Spain, in 2013 in Malta, in 2014 in Dubai, in 2015 in Cannes again, in 2016 in Lisbon, in Paris in 2018.

page 63: Sports.

Foot races, swimming, biking, glacier, horse riding, scuba, rando, kayak, tennis, dance, sailing, ziplining, aviation, parachuting, rollers, frisbee, football, trampoline, box, golf, the London 2012 Olympic Games closing ceremony, etc....
page 64: Weddings and private festivities.

My tariffs are at the bottom of the page.

page 65: Families, children.

My tariffs are at the bottom of the page.

page 66: Tourists in Paris.

My tariffs are at the bottom of the page.
Jardin du Luxembourg, Grand Palais, Berges de Seine, Paris plage, Sénat, Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, bouquinistes, Trocadéro, Pont Alexandre III, Champs Elysées, Notre Dame, île de la Cité, Galeries Lafayette, Arc de Triomphe, Montmartre, etc... I have been living in Paris for 30 years, so I know it well.
page 67: Nature
Animals, flowers, trees, landscapes. My homage to the beauty of our planet.
Frogs, cascades, canyons, giraffes, peacocks, dogs, donkeys, black urubu, lamb, passiflores, fountains, snow, sharks, squirrels, zebras, geese, weavers (birds), white turkeys, rays, coral, Bryce Canyon, dahlias, groupers, magnolia, dandelion, turtles, cats, cows, elephants, hippos, gnou, crabs ....
page 68: Art.
I split my time between artistic personal creations and work for clients (portraits, architecture, deco, conventions, fashion, reportages, etc…)

page 69: Lingerie.

Etam, Dior, Catwalks, Amsterdam International Fashion Week, etc....
page70: Amsterdam International Fashion Weeks, AIFW

Many thanks to Boris.

page 71:

Massaï in 2006,
Christian Fournier's balls.
La baie du Mont St Michel in 2008,
Gangster Fashion in 2001,
page 72:

India in 2005 and 2007.
Jaipur, Trichy, Guruvayoor, Udaipur, Chennai, Pushkar, Periyar, Kumarakom, Bikaner, New Dehli, Le temple de Kari Mata, Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram, Rajasthan, Mandawa, Mettupalayam, Tanjore, Pondichery, Jaisalmer, Madurai, temple Meenakshi Amman, Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram, etc...
page 73: Digital work.

For Spéos, Peter Lindbergh, Nikon school, Dior, L'Oréal, etc.

PANORAMICS, QTVR, TIME-LAPSES, ZOOMS, VIDEOS, etc. Step by step evolution since 1991.
page 74:

Nature Capitale May 2010.
Centre de massage naturiste in 2010 et 2001 (if you are offended by nudity, do not go there).
Sabine Crossen, top model.
Weavers (birds) in South Africa in 2008.

Water of all kinds: steam, cloud, ice, snow, lake, sea, river, river, stream, rain, beach, reflection, condensation, fountain, eau de toilette, bath, jet sky, geyser, mud, mist, pool, snow, rainbow, bubble, Hamman, Jacuzzi, canoe, shower, aquatic animals, etc ...
page 75:
A day in my advertising life: the invasion
Tignes (French Alpes) 2012.
Rockwool fireproofing tests in 2010 and 2013.
International challenge of Universities and famous schools in 2013 at Stade Charletty in Paris.
International Days.
page 76: My business and private Christmas cards from 1974 to 2022.
“I always thought good photos were like good jokes. If you have to explain it, it just isn’t that good.”
page 77: Black and white.

page 78:

Hotel brochures 2012.
Waterloo 2010.
Laying down a pipeline in 2013.
Various historical reneactments of WWII
Book challenge
Some of my heroes's graves
page 79: Backstage.

This page is not a summary of my photographic work, just the work for which I was able to make behind the scene photos.

Thank you to the assistants, Anne-Laure Jacquart, Camille Verrier, Isabelle Néry, Christine Nait, Géraldine, Jeff, Olivier Fiaud, Philippe Augier and all.
page 80: Frédérique, a fantastic woman.
page 81: Soft toys at large.
No soft toys were ever mistreated during these shoots.
At the bottom: reportage about the "Gobelins Teddy bears"
page 82:
- London 2012 Olympic Games closing ceremony.
- International air shows at Le Bourget, near Paris, France.
- Fireworks and nocturnal shows from 1992: Italy, Paris, Saint Cloud, Chantilly, Canaries, Versailles, London, Belgium, Sully-sur-Loire, etc...
- Luminous shows.
- All sorts of fire.
- Sky and space (in a broad sens) from 1982 onwards.
page 83: Artistic nudes.

page 84:

Some videos: Making of, reportages, time-lapses, some TV appearances, etc...
page 85: Automatic slide show "best of".

Photos 800x 800 pixels

View the bottom of the page to exit.

page 86: Celebrities.

Adriana Karembeu, Amélie Mauresmo, Bettina Rheims, Catherine Deneuve, Cédric Klapisch, Charlize Theron, Claude Lelouche, Christine Ockrent, Christopher Lloyd, Claudia Cardinale, Clovis Cornillac, Dana Delany, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Emmanuel Macron, Florence Arthaud, Fancis Ford Coppola, François Hollande, François-Xavier Demaison, Anne Marivin, Frédéric Beigbeder, Gérard Depardieu, Grace Jones, Harlan Coben, Henri Salvador, Hubert Reeves, Hugh JACKMAN, Jacques Chirac, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Jean Réno, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Jean-Paul Gaultier, John Malkovich, Julien Clerc, Karl Lagerfeld, l'Abbé Pierre, Laetitia Casta, Laurence Parisot, Laurent Gerra, Lenny Kravitz, Leonard Cohen, Lionel Jospin, Lucien Clergue, Manuel Walls, Mariah Carey, Matthew McConaughey, Michel Cymes, Michel Leeb, Nagui, Nicolas Cantelou, Nicolas Hulot, Olivier de Kersauson, Paul Newman, Peter Beard, Pierre Moscovici, Pierre Richard, Reza Deghati, Rony Willis, Roselyne Bachelot, Serena Williams, Sheila, Sigourney WEAVER, Usain Bold, Valerie Giscard d'Estaing, Yann Arthus Bertrand, etc ....

page 87: Crisis.

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something sometime in your life." Winston Chruchill.

I have met a lot of nice people in my life, but also some horrible ones.

page 88: Facebook and Instagram
Facebook is a great way to communicate. Thanks to Facebook, I renewed with lots of friends from my past.
But FaceBook crops and censors the photos and can erase me at will.
Advertising distracts from photos. Advertising right in the middle of personal videos is intolerable.
Behind Our Smoke Screens = The Social Dilemma.
Page 89: A brief history of my cameras.

And a short tutorial in Photography.

I have a photographic memory: I remember all the cameras I owned.
Page 90: My course in photography through pictures.

Photography is a craft.

Page 91:

My apartment/studio photo in 2020.

“A Photographer’s Guide to Not Going Mad During a Pandemic”
55 days of COVID - 19 lockdown in March/April 2020 in this apartment.
30 jours of COVID - 19 lockdown in November 2020 in this apartment.


Page 92: About the photographer Christian Fournier, short version.

Page 93: The universe in photography, from the Big Bang to the very end, (yes, only that) seen by an individual born on earth, of human race, western, white, not racist, of French and Anglo-Saxon cultures, bilingual French-English, tireless traveller, scientist, solid humour, atheist with only one "religion": love, heterosexual, feminist, professional versatile photographer, asthmatic, underwater diver, sail captain, airplane pilot, glacier climber, pacifist, ecologist, journalist without press card, completely independent, uncensored, political opinion: freedom, direct, naive.
Page 94: Movies and theater stage photography.

My "behind the scenes" photos of films, TV and theatre stages since 2000
Page 95: I live in Paris
Page 96 : My humanitarian work.
I defend photographers, science, the oppressed without reason, the endangered animals, the homeless, etc. ...
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This biography is, for the first 44 (pages (until my doom!), rather raw.
Therein I will divulge both my strengths and shortcomings.
If you are sensitive or in a hurry to find my current photography production with my rates, please start at page 45 at which point I am established in Paris and very professional.

Here are about 620 examples of my photographic event coverage since 1984, that is to say, 30 years. This is without counting those which my clients have requested that I do not show and photos that have been lost.

I know it's enormous.
No, I am not a photographic robot: my mother had me tested

This list begins with the compilations: Fashion & Models, Lingerie, Beauty, Makeup & Hair, Portraits, Events, Objects, Archi & Deco, Industry, Press, Celebrities, etc.

The sensors and web capabilities from 1995 to 2005 were horrible compared to now (2021). 40 KB max by images. My uploads at this time were therefore bad. I replace them little by little. It's long. Thank you for your indulgence.

Conclusion 1: I must not be bad, so that all these people trust me.
I have loyal customers, a sign that they are satisfied with my services. Examples: Tollens, MEDEF, Dior, GMF, Unesco, L'oréal, Anaé, Agefiph, Essilor, Genzyme, Embassy Ireland, The Advertisers Club, Garmin, VW, etc. ...

Conclusion 2: Thanks to all these varied clients (industry, wedding, corporate and personal portraits, press, events, objects, medical, culinary, diving, sports, pageants, etc. ..), I see extraordinary slices of life, confidential or public, trades and fabulous countries. I do feel very privileged. Real life, live. Thank you customers.

In rough estimation, I take 5,000 photos a week. 5,000 x 52 = 260,000 a year. For 35 years = 9,100,000 photos. Well, I would like to reach 10 million anyway!

Conclusion 3: Photography is my language

There is also a search command, not always up to date, but pretty comprehensive on all my reportages.

Due to manipulations between prisedevue.photos, prisedevue.photos and famousphotographer.com, some links may be broken. Sorry. I'm working on it !



Not many photographers have the courage to show their photos on a daily basis. I do it to show that in a wide range of photography, I always take good photos for my clients. Technical perfection and an obvious sensitivity. If you imagine the logistic necessary for these missions (estimates, preparations, equipment, transports in traffic jams, safety, etc.), you can see that I am a photographer who achieves results in all circumstances.

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Most of the photos on my web site are for sale, except, of course, the ones for which I do not have the models or decor releases.

I am at your disposal for any query you may have.

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